"Between Abstractionism & Neo Expressionism"

Rome, May 2nd, 2018


“The man has undergone an important evolutionary process over the centuries. An evolution that does not concern only species, but which essentially concerns the evolution of thought. The same evolution from the point of view of pictorial ideology, concerning the sign, however, has been suffered by Fortunato. Over time, the pictorial evolution of Rita takes new paths. Form the idea of a “Puritan” sign, the artist moves to a more incisive sign. Fortunato bases her visual research on the light-dark antimony. Antimony that sees the uneasiness clash against the eternal beauty of an angel of light or a guitar player. Antimony that sees growing on winding roads, beautiful dances of graceful dancers.


For years now I have been following Fortunato’s artistic evolution very carefully. I saw her grow up and deal with life-related issues. Her paintings are nothing but the most authentic testimony of what everyday man finds himself living. The army of evil is always ready to attack. The battlefield, however, is the secret gardens of Eden; those gardens in which Fortunato’s painting shines more beautiful than ever. In those gardens will always be good to triumph. A good that I want to impersonate in the rainbows of light traced by the artist’s skilled hand. Her travels between abstractionism and neo-expressionism. Rita’s research is also aimed at sculptures. Her sculptures are the reworking of her brilliant thought. As in painting, even in sculpture, the elaboration and the new collocation of the sign finds its main characters in Rita. A sign that is not forced to wander aimlessly, but that, thanks to the artist, finds the right path. That road that is leading her to tread the greatest stages of international art. With great strength, Rita tries to tear the veil of Maya to see what it hides. I must say that who observes the artist’s work, is in a hypothetical labyrinth of Minos.


The task of the modern observer (the Teseo of the ancient age) is to unveil the enigma and solve the puzzle of the minotaur. The elements at his/her disposal are the knowledge of art and life; obviously, we cannot expect to put in the observer’s hand a modern fetish like a red thread (Ariadne’s thread). A painting, therefore, that of Rita Fortunato, who explores the mystery and translates into magical pictorial representation.”.

Dott. Salvatore Russo
Art Curator & Art Critic

1mo Premio Internazionale Arte Palermo

Capitale Della Cultura

Teatro Biondo, 26 Luglio 2018

Paintings Critic: Roots & Sighs


“Fortunato possiate una personalità artistica istintiva, che si esprime nella creazione di opere informali che ci conducono attraverso un viaggio nel mondo delle sue emozioni. Il suo stile nasce dall’esigenza di esprimere sul supporto sentimenti e pensieri; toni decisi, caldi e freddi in una sapiente miscela stimolano la fantasia che volteggia in mondi astratti e simbolici”


Dott. Paolo Levi
International Art Critic & Journalist

Art Catalog “Segnalati, Berlin 2017”

EA Editore, Palermo

Paintings Critic: Tsunami, Peacock and Demencia


“With her works, Fortunato is definitely against the cognitive stereotypes related to the painting of the origins, to start that long journey that sees its fleeting shapes, to be projected into a new world. A world dominated by the genius of the sign.


These Works are the most authentic testimony of how non-material reality can be represented through the artist’s genius. An artist able to visually narrate the world of dreams, a world where we all want to lose ourselves so that we do not return to our world dominated by human injustice.”


Dott. Salvatore Russo
Art Curator & Art Critic