Fortunato, born in Venezuela, is an international contemporary and emerging artist who was inspired through her introduction to Fine Arts while studying Interior Design at the Art Institute of Houston, Texas USA in 2009-2012. Through her exposure to Fine Arts she discovered her passion and gift for painting. Over the years she has continued her Artistic education, expanding her knowledge, use, and understanding of the different artistic styles, techniques, and mediums via her enrollment in very specialized art classes and one on one sessions with well known, renowned local artists in various cities and countries around the world including London, Barcelona, Krakow, Perth, Milan and the USA. As an artist, she draws her inspiration from her global travels and life experiences. Translating the cultural essences of each experience into the bold and colorful works of art displayed on her canvases and with-in her sculptures. Her art work captures her inner most feelings and emotions and are an expression of her eccentric but charismatic personality. Fortunato, work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, currently residing in the majestic country side of Aitkin, Minnesota welcomes all art lovers and connoisseurs to her open studio.